Vintage Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

Vintage Pastel Bridesmaid Dresses

Nothing compares to the romance and loveliness of vintage pastel bridesmaid dresses. Bathed in light chiffon, these gowns are breezy and fun. They are a perfect compliment for a vintage bride. As spring is rounding the corner, imagine these gloriously embellished shades of pastel wisp across a green lawn, float down the aisle of a church or prance across a beach side paradise. These hues are a must-have for 2014, with pastel outerwear and dresses comingĀ backĀ full swing into vogue for the year.

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Layered Vintage Dresses by Nataya

Layered Vintage Dresses by Nataya

Sailing across the veranda, the lady exudes grace and charm. In one hand, she holds a delicate tea cup. In the other, she tilts her skirt as she steps down to walk through a manicured garden path. The lengths of the skirt are eye-catching, blooming in front and behind of her peeking ankles. A gossamer blend of chiffon, lace, and silky satin can elevate a woman to an otherworldly status. Whether floating through the garden, sitting in the shade at a picnic, strolling through a field of wildflowers or simply sailing across the dance floor, the dreamy quality of layered vintage dresses is without compare. To fulfill that fairy-floating romance that you ladies love, here are some of our very favorite layered skirts and gowns.

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Best Dresses for a Forest-Inspired Wedding

Best Dresses for a Forest-Inspired Wedding

Birds chirp and squirrels chatter as the morning unfolds. The ground is covered with soft moss and sweet redwood shavings. The rain has quenched the plants; the trees and foliage are dressed in their best green. The guests seat themselves among the flowers with a fresh green canopy above to await the bride. When she comes, the whole forest holds their breath in anticipation. The forest nymph, barefoot and wreathed in leaves, wears a flowing, layered gown covered in antique lace. This day will remain precious to every guest. The hush, the quiet, of a forest-inspired wedding. Forest-fair weddings have been growing in interest and popularity for years and the perfect fairytale dress is right around the corner. Whether it’s your first wedding or a new grand beginning, take a walk off the beaten path in one of these forest-fairy inspired Nataya gowns.

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Design Elements: 1920’s Style Wedding Dresses

For a bride, no other aspect of her wedding day is as crucial as finding the perfect dress to walk down the aisle in. Dress shopping inspires more excitement and trepidation in brides than any other task related to their big day. However, no bride wants to look quite like any other. Many fashion-forward brides are instead looking to the past for inspiration; enter 1920 style wedding dresses. Considered novel and daring for the era, 1920 style wedding dresses eschewed the mounds of fabric and restrictive corsets of past styles. With shorter hemlines and straighter cuts, 1920 style wedding dresses have flattered generations of modern brides since their inception.

The design elements of 1920 style wedding dresses are unmistakable: natural fibers, dropped waistlines, beading, feathering, and slivers of strategically highlighted skin are all hallmarks of these dresses. Fabrics were designed to drape romantically and off-the-shoulder options were popular. To get this look, today’s bride might choose a dress with flowy fabric, demure detailing, and a subtly sexy cut.

The typical wedding dress color is white, but 1920 style wedding dresses put that tradition aside. Bold colors, such as red, purple, or gold became accepted for wedding dresses of the era. Many modern brides take inspiration from this trend and opt for a gown in a show-stopping color. To pull off the look, simply pick the color that flatters your skin tone the most. Consider opting for a more modestly cut gown if you pick a vibrant shade; the color should speak for itself, not compete with the cut of your dress.

Adornment was everything on 1920 style wedding dresses: layer upon layer of frills, pearl detailing, rosettes, and embroidery enhanced the clean lines of these dresses. Pearl detailing can be particularly useful along the hemline for adding movement on the dance floor, or for adding an extra bit of flair to a simple bodice. Rosettes and frills can look marvelous on the same dress. Paired together, they conjure a romantic sweetness that is hard to match. A bit of bold feathering may be just the embellishment a daring bride needs for her dress. Embroidery, however, typically looks best against the quiet backdrop of a simply cut and light colored frock.

1920 Style Wedding Dress1920 Style Second Wedding Dress

Accessories for 1920 style wedding dresses are limited only by the imagination of the wearer. Cloche hats with feathers or hat pins, long and loopy pearl necklaces, velvet trimmed shrugs, beaded shawls, and chunky heeled pump shoes all compliment this style of wedding dress perfectly.

1920 Style Jackets

1920 style wedding dresses and accessories incorporate so many lovely and romantic design elements; there is truly a design for every bride who wishes to add a little fashion-forward style from the past to her big day.