Vintage Style Wedding Gowns

How many weddings have you been to where the bride’s dress looked like a boring, carbon copy of the same dress you had seen on every bride that season? It’s true: Thanks to the slew of chain bridal stores and an almost eerie need to adhere to the current trends, a lot of brides are starting to look… well, downright identical.

Instead of wearing the same old strapless white gown, why not consider a vintage look? This may be intimidating for some brides, but truth be told, the most glamorous and feminine eras are behind us, not ahead of us. Vintage style wedding dresses have an unmistakable beauty to them, and evoke a time of soft, elegant glamor.

Titanic style Wedding GownOne of the most popular styles of vintage wedding dresses are Titanic dresses, which are inspired by the beauty and regal elegance of turn of the century style, as seen in the era of the famed Titanic. The Original Titanic Dress boasts a feminine v-neckline and tiered style skirt. It is the utmost flattering style for virtually any body type, from very slim to curvaceous. Titanic dresses are perfect for “think outside the box” brides, or those who want to put an entirely new spin on wedding style.

For those brides who are interested in vintage style wedding dresses but who also want a softer, more traditionally “bridal” look, this would be a perfect style. This Ruffled Vintage Style Wedding Gown has a completely classic design. It is unique, while simultaneously traditional. The cascading white ruffled look compliments the sleek bodice beautifully, creating a gorgeous vintage style that is also form-fitting and alluring.

Frilled Bridal Gown Several other vintage style wedding dresses also boast these gorgeous, cascading designs. This Spanish Style Lace Bridal Gown is soft and feminine. While it is certainly elegant, it evokes a very relaxed feeling, rendering it perfect for a beach or small wedding.

If you are intrigued by Titanic dresses but could never sacrifice traditional white on your big day, consider this stunning ivory wedding dress. Its square neckline is exquisitely old-fashioned and sophisticated, and the delicate embroidering and ruffling towards the calf-length hemline render it as classic as it is beautiful. Like most vintage style wedding dresses, these Titanic dresses are stunning for just about every shape and figure.

Eduardian Lace Wedding DressIf you adore vintage style wedding dresses but aren’t quite brave enough to try such authentic Victorian styles as the Titanic dresses, consider this Edwardian Lace Dress. While it is certainly an old-fashioned design that evokes old-world elegance, it is subtle enough to be perfect for even the most modern bride. The 3/4 length sleeves and v-neckline are absolutely gorgeous and very chic, and this dress is versatile enough to work for a daytime beach wedding or a dressier evening affair.

Whether you opt for one of the timeless Titanic dresses or one of the other gorgeous styles shown above, you are sure to be an unforgettable bride if you go with one of these vintage style wedding dresses. Beyond capturing the elegance of an earlier time, these vintage style wedding dresses are cut and designed in such a way where they are sleek, flattering, and slimming for just about any body type. Without a doubt, a vintage wedding dress is the perfect option for those brides who don’t want to wear the same old boring chain store mass-produced wedding gown, and instead want to be exquisitely unforgettable on their special day.