1920 Style Dresses

1920s style dresses are still being incorporated into fashions today. These trendy styles represent the grace and class of the era, while bringing formal flare in a modern setting. Each dress flows past the knees for a reserved but elegant look.

1920 Style Party Dress

Many of the styles in the 1920’s were dresses that flowed, featuring multiple thin layers to create the look. 1920’s style dresses stressed a look of innocence and the light, thin layers create a glowing appearance. Traditional beauty was still treasured in the 1920s, so many women tried to look reserved while creating sharp, new fashions. Because of this, the wavy, light flowing dresses became popular.
Today, modern styles tend to incorporate the loose, innocent style of the dress into an unique look. The dresses are worn somewhat loose but can be made to fit comfortably above the waist line while the bottom half fits loosely.
This casual style of dress can be worn to more formal events now but was typical attire for women in the 1920s. A variety of colors and layer styles can be added to the outfit, however, salmon remains to be one of the most popular.

1920 Style Wedding Dress1920s style dresses for weddings were very unique. They kept the flowing style that was popular in the time period but added longer layers and more formal embellishing. Floral trim, especially with rose designs, were popular embroidery and were often incorporated into wedding gowns.

The style added a unique twist to the traditional styles that were frequently seen in the time period. See through panels were often placed at the shoulder area adding a modern flare to an otherwise modest look. Today, these styles are still present in shorter wedding gowns and 1920s style dresses are often used in weddings, even if the wedding itself is not following a 1920s theme.

Less formal dresses in the 1920s inspire elegant formal style party dresses today. The 1920s style dress/es really focused on the modesty of the women but were often cut slightly shorter. Not to be mistaken for a flapper style dress, which tended to be much flashier, these dresses tended to be simple in design with frilled bottoms and slight designs.
A more modern interpretation of 1920s style dresses is a sweet look that keeps the reserved cut but adds a formal flair to the style. These kinds of dresses are perfect for parties and will usually feature a neutral color.

Sweet 1920 Style Party Dress

A popular accessory in the 1920s was the Cloche Hat, which is a short hat that hides the hair. Short hair and boyish looks were popular in the 1920s despite the emphasis on feminine dress looks.

When recreating a 1920s style dress, a cloche hat will often complete the outfit. The hat can be found in a variety of colors to match the dress and can be reworn with many other modern outfits because of its neutral design.