The Romantic Bride

Romantic Bride

It seems that the sense of pure romance is missing from modern weddings. Many brides are so invested in showing off and attaining technical perfection that they end up not enjoying their weddings. Their ceremonies and receptions do not reflect their individual styles and personalities. This is why smart women are opting for minimalist weddings that let their love take center stage.

The bride’s gown is always the focal point of awedding. The dress she chooses will direct
Frilled Vintage Bride Dress Nataya 40022

Frilled Vintage Bride Dress

the theme and decorations. If she wants to have a simple, romantic wedding, she should choose a dress in the style of romantic wedding dresses. Vintage dresses deviate from the strapless, constricting corsets that have become so popular recently. Romantic vintage dresses are constructed out of layers of lace and chiffon. The dress to the right is clearly a wedding gown, but there is a sense of fun about it. The ruffles will flounce when the bride dances, and it lends itself to casual makeup and hairstyling. The makeup should be icy and shimmery, and the hair can be leftloose and wavy.

Nataya AL-3303 Vintage Wedding Dress


A dress like AL-3303 below clings closely to the figure and accentuates the waist with intricate embroidery. Romantic vintage style wedding dresses that mimic Victorian fashions are great for women who want dresses that are unique yet classic. This dress is more structured than the previous one, so the hair and makeup can be more obviously styled. Tea-length dresses are perfect for outdoor weddings. A romantic bride might want to be married outside underneath a flowered arch or in a gazebo. She might want to have a breezy beach ceremony. Vintage style wedding dresses that are too long will get dirty and become cumbersome on grass, sand and other uneven terrain. A shorter dress allows the bride to have fun with her shoes as well. Brides who choose long romantic vintage style wedding dresses are not able to incorporate their shoes into their bridal looks because they will be covered. Shorter dresses give brides the option of incorporating this element of style.

Alternative Empire Wedding Dress

Alternative Empire Wedding Dress

A bride who is edgy and unconventional in her everyday life does not have to sacrifice her personal style when shopping for romantic wedding dresses. A pale pink dress will express her unique fashion sense without being in poor taste. This dress strikes the right balance between soft beauty and individuality.
Rock and roll or goth brides can choose dresses in dark, rich colors like chocolate and wine. The color of the dress below is secondary to the deeply romantic effect of the entire look. A woman’s wedding is the most important event of her life, and she should not feel pressured into wearing white if it is not a color that she would typi
Nataya AL-9001 Vintage Wedding Gown

Nataya AL-9001 Vintage Wedding Gown

cally wear. A dark color will create a flattering silhouette, and choosing a colored gown broadens the options for decorations and the bridesmaids’ dresses.Romantic brides can also be a little different when it comes to choosing their veils and bouquets. Some opt to pin small swatches of lace into their hair. Headbands covered in pearls or rhinestones sit beautifully loosely styled waves. The traditional bouquet can be replaced by a single perfect red rose, with each bridesmaid carrying white or pink roses.

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