Our Top 5 Nataya Dresses for Brides

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Our Top 5 Nataya Dresses for Brides

Our Top 5 Nataya Dresses for Brides

Today’s topic discusses how to choose a dress and is aimed at our first-time brides-to-be. We proudly present our top 5 most popular wedding dresses, all designed by the world-renown Nataya.The first model we bring to the table is the Lady of the Forest Dress in ivory. The full skirt was all the rage among the bohemians of the Victorian era, who were first to throw off their corsets in protest. This stylish dress also brings back fun memories of Fred and Ginger with their unforgettable dance steps.

Up next is our 1920s inspired wedding dress that is so Daisy Buchanan. Choose a cute cloche hat or the Edith Hat, either of which will provide a superb alternative to a birdcage veil. However, if you absolutely must have a birdcage veil, this dress will live up to your expectations and look the part. A flapper style headband is another fine choice.

Our Edwardian style ivory dress is perfect for our younger Downton Abbey fans. Its petal-style sleeves slim your arms while the hemline of the dress makes you want to dance all night long. The dress is ideal for home garden weddings, small chapel weddings, indoor weddings and most certainly weddings at the beach. However, this dress won’t stand out in large hotels or busy restaurants. Keep this dress in the smaller venues.

Unlike the previous dress, our tea length Titanic Dress is a bit more versatile and can be paired with a vast array of different accessories. It boasts a Downton Abbey look when worn at home garden ceremonies. But if you pair this dress with a flapper style headband or cloche hat, you may just need to dance on over to the nearest jazz café, where the Charleston awaits.

The antique wedding dress in ivory is fantastic for all lovers of Downton Abbey, Titanic, Edwardian times and even Jane Austin. The elegant empire waist and eye-catching ornamentation fit splendidly with a vintage theme.

We hope you find just what you’re looking for and wish you happy shopping!

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