The White Bridesmaid Dress

Wearing white to a wedding? A big no-no. This, however, is not the case anymore. We’ve seen classic and iconic brides who choose off-white or full white dresses for their bridesmaids. The white bridesmaid dress is defined by elements that keep it flirty and fun. A well-done wedding theme with white dresses galore can be both unique and spontaneous as well as traditional. Follow these tips to make sure that white bridesmaid dress makes the day just that more your own.

  1. 1.       Don’t Miss the Vintage

The bohemian-chic bride will not let anyone tell her what to plan for her wedding. She wants something defined unique. Pair cowboy boots or galoshes. Choose a crown of flowers rather than a veil. Walk barefoot on the beach. This type of wedding is ideal for a defined vintage style white bridesmaid dress. A dress made vintage will ensure that the bridesmaids are appropriate and comfortable while adding to the theme.

Downton Abbey Tea Party Gown Pearl 40163

  1. 2.       Imagine your Bridesmaid Wearing the Dress

Would your girls wear something short or long? What would you pair with their bouquet? Asking yourself if your bridesmaids would actually enjoy wearing your dress may not be the forefront of your mind. This should, however, add to the decision. If you have bridesmaids that are similar in body shape, this question may be altered. With ladies who have varying assets, you wouldn’t want to put a dress on them that isn’t flattering or comfortable. Choose an off-white or ivory white bridesmaid dress that has coverage and romantic appeal.

Great Gatsby Dress in Ivory AL-10709

  1. 3.       Simple is Often the Best

The extravagance of a wedding often lends to a great deal of over-detail. White bridesmaid dresses allow a clean palette for the colors of the wedding and the intricacy of the wedding dress. Shine through your wedding with a simple white bridesmaid dress that has simple detail. This will keep the guests from thinking that the bridesmaids are competing for detail. Leaving the bride and her ladies to play their part effortlessly.

158 Butter Vintage Nataya Dress

  1. 4.       You don’t have to go Short

Many typical weddings have bridesmaid dresses that are cocktail length. While this is an effective way to distinguish the elegance of the bride, it’s not a given. Choosing a tea-length or ankle-length white bridesmaid dress will add an evening formal style to the wedding. Look for layered and sheath styles that keep the simplicity of the dress while lending to a new tradition.

Ivory/Tea Othelia Nataya dress 40148

5.       Let the Style Shine

The style of your white bridesmaid dress is important. Take the theme of the wedding into consideration when choosing a style. When the styles of the wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses mesh well, the essence of the wedding will shine through. We promise.

Ivory Lady of the forest dress 40159

A white bridesmaid dress may be seen as untraditional. We tend to forget, however, that color symbolism varies across cultures. It should, then, also vary across wedding themes. Keeping a clean white or ivory bridesmaid dress can be done right. Make sure the style matches the bride and no one will be the wiser.

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